1831 Valley Forge Ave
Fort Collins, CO 80526

Vibrant Neighborhoods Grant Landscape Project Donation Request


As most of you know, this past year we had the opportunity to apply for a grant being offered by the city called the Vibrant Neighborhoods Grant, worth up to $50,000. The city had a pretty select criteria for what the grant could be used for and ultimately pre- approved only portions of what we originally submitted, per the input received from neighbors and pool members, as possibilities. The key components of the pre-approved project were to be developed on the front side of the pool grounds and consist of a new bicycle parking area (off the sidewalk), a bike fix-it & pump station, a gazebo structure picnic area; and were to be approved by a large majority of the neighbors, businesses and members that would be affected by the improvements, via a petition showing support. We are proud to say that after a lot of work, time, door-knocking and effort, and 100% support as represented by the hundreds of signatures we obtained from the members and neighbors we were able to talk to, we did receive the grant although not for the full amount.

After seeking multiple bids we are short to complete the professional landscape design to compliment and flow with the improvements granted. We would like to raise an additional $16,000 to enhance the grounds appearance by completing the plant (128 plants/trees) and mulch areas included in the below design, purchasing new bike racks and purchasing two new commercial-grade picnic tables. Your donation will help us complete a huge functionally and aesthetically appealing makeover that has been well needed and that we are fortunate to have mostly funded by the grant. It will be greatly appreciated and enjoyed by all who love the pool and it’s grounds.

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